Combo Pack With – Hot Sauce – Barbecue Sauce – Maple Syrup


Syrup/BBQ/Hot Sauce Combo Pack.

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We know, it is tough to decide. Do I get the Horse Soldier Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup, a bottle of the amazing Horse Soldier Hot Sauce, or the new BBQ sauce? Well, we just made the decision easy for you. Get them all!

This combo pack includes a bottle of Horse Soldier Bourbon Maple Syrup, a bottle of Horse Soldier Hot Sauce, and our just-released Barbecue Sauce.  Three great additions to any kitchen. All of these flavorful items have been aged on our bourbon barrels. The Barbecue sauce even has Horse Soldier Bourbon in it!

Great on pancakes, and in a cocktail. You can’t go wrong. It also makes an amazing gift for yourself or someone special.