Handmade Horse Soldier Belt Buckle


This sterling silver buckle features the Horse Soldier logo with a twisted wire rope edge and Western inspired engraving. Each buckle is hand crafted in the United States by the Bohlin Company, a 100-year-old silversmith most known for the silver mounted saddles, gun belts, and buckles they made for famous silver screen cowboys.

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Amazing, limited edition, Horse Soldier Bourbon belt buckle from The Bohlin Company.

The Horse Soldier buckle is handcrafted from start to finish beginning with the oval, which is hand sawn out of a solid piece of silver. The horse soldier image is pressed out of a two-part die in a 100-ton press. The letters in the Horse Soldier logo are hand cut with a jeweler’s saw and soldered onto the oval with a torch, along with the silver rope and image. The piece is then hand engraved with a Western finish.

The Bohlin Company was founded in 1920 by Edward H. Bohlin. A Swedish immigrant with dreams of the American West, Bohlin became famous for the saddles, gun belts, and buckles he made for silver screen cowboys such as the Lone Ranger, Gene Autry, and Hopalong Cassidy. Bohlin silver mounted saddles can still be seen in the Rose Parade. The Bohlin Company continues to proudly manufacture handmade buckles, belt, and jewelry in the United States.