Horse taking over the course: Waitsboro Hills golf course to be site of bourbon distillery

SPEDA President and CEO Chris Girdler said he is excited about the potential the distillery brings to the Waitsboro Hills […]

Horse Soldier takes command of Somerset bourbon interest

Horse Soldier Bourbon rode into town this week and won its first battle for the hearts (and palates) of Pulaski […]

An inside look at American Freedom’s Urban Stillhouse

American Freedom Distillery’s tasting room and entertainment facility is getting closer to opening in St. Petersburg. Previously dubbed America Neat […]

A Boozy Holiday Wishlist: Nine Whiskeys In Nine Whiskey Styles

Horse Soldier Barrel Strength Bourbon Style: Wheated Bourbon It’s easy to support a company comprised of war heroes. Horse Soldier is […]

Legendary Men, Legendary Spirits

We could say that America was built on horseback and bourbon. Our heritage and history run as hard as mustangs […]

The Green Berets Who Went From Elite Warriors to Elite Bourbon Makers

Days after 9/11, while many Americans were watching the news in a state of shock and horror, a team of 12 Green Berets […]