Do-Gooder Booze: Save the World by Drinking these 11 Liquor Brands

Being dedicated to doing good doesn’t just nourish a company’s soul, it’s good business. According to recent studies, millennials (especially) feel it’s important to know a company is doing more for the world than simply turning a profit before they make a purchase (or work there).

Lest you assume only tree huggers do good, take a gander at American Freedom Distillery out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Founded by veterans (much like Danger Close Craft Distilling in Vermont), supporting related causes are the backbone of the distillery and a primary reason for its creation. Each bottle of Horse Soldier — an eight-year wheated bourbon bottled at 95 proof or at barrel strength of 113 — goes towards maintaining the America’s Response Monument, nicknamed the Horse Soldier Statue, in Lower Manhattan. Dedicated to U.S. Special Forces, the statue commemorates a Green Beret insertion into Afghanistan in the months following 9/11, as depicted in this year’s film 12 Strong. In addition, the distillery also contributes to the Warrior Sailing Program helping vets deal with PTSD and injuries, the Green Beret Foundation, The Armed Forces Families Foundation, local Florida non-profits and many more.

“We lived the life of service, and we continue to serve today,” says AFD co-founder John Koko. “We have a warrior’s spirit with a servant’s heart and that will never change. Anything we can do to help in a soldier’s transition or simply give back to our community, we will always do.”

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